Best Ping Pong Conversion Tops

Do you enjoy playing table tennis or an occasional game of ping pong but do not have the space to accommodate a full-sized table tennis table? In that case, ping pong conversion tops are the perfect solution for you. This ingenious product allows you to use the

Best Portable Ping Pong Tables

When it comes to portable ping pong tables, there can be some confusion defining the term “portable”. In our experience here at Ping Pong Ownage, we find that there are usually four different types of perspectives. Some people think of portable tables as smaller (non regulation size), space

Best Ping Pong Tables Guide 2017

Best Ping Pong Tables 2017 Whether you are an amateur player, a professional, or simply wish to purchase a ping pong table for your recreational center, choosing the best table can be a challenge. If you have recently taken up the hobby, you ought to opt for

Best Ping Pong Table Reviews

Check out the Best Ping Pong Tables Guide 2016 for our updated buyers guide! So you’re fixing to play some ping pong (aka table tennis) but wondering which table is best for you? Well let’s make your life a little more complicated for the moment; there are numerous options

Best Ping Pong Paddles

So you have your perfect table (if not, check out our Ping Pong Table Reviews), you’ve been playing for a bit and now you want to step up your game with a fresh paddle (blade). Well, here at we have you covered in this arena as well

Best Outdoor Ping Pong Tables

There is nothing like having an outdoor game to keep guests and kids entertained at a summer barbecue and an outdoor ping pong table will definitely get the job done! So what are the components you want to look for in finding the best outdoor ping pong